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BJ's Printing Emporium Testimonials

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Okay, so I should have had my wedding ceremony bulletins printed WAY in advance, I get it, I really do, and it's really not cool to drop a job like this on a company the day before. Still, they told me it could be done in a couple hours, and I didn't get them until next day, a couple hours before my wedding. However, that's really my only complaint. They kept me up to date with the fact that it was taking longer, let me know the cost up front, and gave me gorgeous bulletins. Given the fact that I know I REALLY should have gotten this in sooner, I'm only dropping one star. They still did good under the circumstances I handed them. –Jemma Jackson

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Price was a little high for business cards, probably should have gone with Vistaprint, but I did need them right away. Like, RIGHT away. And I did get them ASAP, just at a little higher price than usual. Ah well. Still, they look great. –Cole Manson

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So I had a pretty small job, I wanted to make a custom coloring book for my daughter's birthday party as a party favor for her guests. I brought in the designs myself to BJ's Printing Emporium, and the guy helping me, Tom, said they could get it done no problem. I came back a couple days later, and the binding overlapped some of the drawings. I was apologized to profusely, and Tom said they'd get a new printing rushed for me. I left, and got a call later that afternoon to pick it up. Second try was perfect. I get mistakes happen, and they did all they could to fix it, so you can keep all your stars. =) Didn't hurt that my daughter and her friends went ga-ga over the coloring book… --John Jacobs

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Mike's a little brusque to work with, but always gets my job done. I go there every two weeks to print up the bi-weekly rag I run, and I'm never disappointed. It gets done fast, it gets done right. What more could I ask for? –Kendall Conners

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I didn't know print shops did car wraps, I thought you had to find some kind of specialty car-wrapping business. Lucky for me I found BJ's Printing Emporium online, and they boasted car wraps. I needed a fleet of company vehicles re-wrapped for our new design, and they were all too happy to help. The cars and vans look great, and I will happily recommend them to my business partners, and anybody on Yelp.

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