Print services are a great way to market your business. Of course, digital marketing has become a huge part of a business’s strategies, but there are some instances where print marketing can come in handy.

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from Printing Services in Glendale. Some examples include Retail shops, Advertising agencies, Hotels, restaurants, Car deals, offices, and many more.

Different types you can use:

01 Backlit poster or regular poster

This is a poster that has a light behind it to show the image at any time of day and enhance the image. You can advertise your business with one of these. They look more polished and professional than regular posters because they are brighter and illuminated. These can be placed on a billboard, window, or on a display in the middle of a mall.

A regular poster can also be used to place around town or in your store to show your products or to advertise the business.

02 Door hanger

There are many businesses that could benefit from using door hanger advertisements. It has been around for many years and you should consider using them. If you have a business-related to homes, or if your target audience is an older generation who are not on social media as much, it is a great option. It can be used for any business and is beneficial because it is highly visible since everyone needs to use the door to enter their homes, and are affordable.

03 Billboard

Billboards have been used for advertising for decades. They catch an audience’s attention and can be put in a location near your business. This builds brand awareness because they are typically seen by many as they are mostly on freeway sides or streets.

04 Vehicle stickers

One vehicle sticker that can help grow your outreach is bumper sticker prints. People spend a lot of time driving from one place to another and occasionally read car bumper stickers, especially when in traffic. You can come up with a clever or funny phrase to uplift someone’s spirit and spark interest in the business that created this.

05 Stickers

People love stickers, especially if they are free! Use this to your advantage with free stickers for people who walk into your store or pass them out at an event. Stickers have come back in popularity especially used for laptops and water bottles. This is sort of a free advertisement for you because they are willingly putting them on items that are visible to random people, friends, and family. They may spark interest and lead them to check out your business.

05 Table cloth

If you ever have a booth for your business at a certain location, or at an event, attract more people with a unique table cloth covering. This is an excellent opportunity to have a table cloth that stands out and is more aesthetically pleasing than a common color used. They will make your business look more professional and can be used multiple times at different events like conventions.

06 Calendars or Notebooks/notepads

Customized Calendars and notebooks can be given away to your customers in-store or to new potential customers. It can be given as an exchange when they follow your social media, make a purchase, or sign up for your emailing list. This is one of the many ways to build brand loyalty, because they will appreciate the gift, and will be reminded of your business. They will especially be reminded of your business if you asked them to follow or sign up for an email list because they will see your emails or posts. This can also get them to build a connection with your business because they see or use the calendar or notebook, and they may come back for another one especially if they are free. The customer coming back for them can also encourage another purchase after that.

07 Booklet

A booklet is an easy way for customers or potential customers to learn more about your business. It can be the thing that causes them to make a purchase. There are many variations of details you can add to it. Besides learning history or information about your business, you can also show them details about your offerings with explanations and prices. They can also take them to show friends and family who can potentially become a new customer/client.

08 Tote bag

A Tote bag is another thing a loyal customer can buy or be offered for their loyalty. This will also help build brand loyalty and trust, and maybe even bring new customers if someone sees your company name on the bag or asks them where they got it. You can either add your logo, or something that represents your business values and is aesthetically pleasing.

09 Banner

A banner can be used in your store or office or can be used to reach new potential customers or clients. A banner can be standing by itself outside your store, or you can even bring it to different events with you to advertise your business. They can also be used as an ad on a pole with a smaller banner. These can be the poles on the street in your neighborhood or throughout different cities to advertise an event, opening, or just to advertise your business in general.

10 Brochure

You can have a brochure at your office available for customers, clients, and potential clients to take. If they are not yet customers, this will aid them in their decision if they needed more information about your business. They can also take one to show to their friends or family who they think would be interested or benefit from working with you.

Whatever industry your business is in, or the size of your business, there are many ways you can benefit from working with printing services. There are many more options you can customize and order. Research Printing Services in Glendale and others in your area to see the different items that can benefit your business. Work with one today to grow brand awareness and brand loyalty, and look more professional.