You’ve probably seen enough such step and repeat banners in your life, whether you recognize it or not. They can be found at nearly every award presentation (think red carpet background), as well as trade shows and other events. When participants line up for a photo in front of a wide stretch of fabric, they’re most likely posing in front of a step and repeat banner. Glendale printing company,  BJ’s Printing Emporium, can provide you with more information.

These large and tall banners provide a branded backdrop for a variety of occasions. They are simple to use and transport, and they provide fantastic marketing opportunities. Step and repeat banners are effective marketing tools for many types of organizations. Let’s discuss the different types of step and repeat banners and what they may achieve for your next event.

What is a step and repeat banner?

Custom step and repeat banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all involve stretching a huge sheet of printed material across a large area. Typically, these banners are composed of fabric, vinyl, or polyester. They serve as a backdrop for photo opportunities, press engagements, and more.

The term “step and repeat” refers to the idea that a person or group of individuals steps up in front of the backdrop, takes a photo, and then leaves. Then someone else goes forward, and the procedure is repeated. This frequent use usually means that the banner will be in the background of a lot of images.

The following are some of the most popular styles of step and repeat signs:

  • Telescopic: The banner on a telescopic step and repeat sign spreads across a square-shaped frame. At the top and bottom, two poles loop through the banner and attach to the side poles. For extra-large displays, connect numerous telescopic banner stands. The majority of these banners are lightweight and will fit easily into a medium-sized canvas bag.
  • If you’re searching for a low-cost solution, consider the spring back. The logo is extended over an X-shaped frame that props it up in this style. Typically, the graphic has grommets in each corner to allow it to be attached to the frame. This design is also portable thanks to specialized carrying cases.
  • A retractable banner rolls up into its stand. When it’s time to put it up, simply pull the banner out of the base and fasten it to a pole. These banners are frequently used to supplement trade fair displays or to mix with others. If this will be your major step and repeat backdrop, you should select one of the larger alternatives. Widths can exceed 5 feet across and heights can reach 85 inches. Retractable banners can be used both indoors and outdoors and are easily portable.

Where would I use step and repeat signs?

Custom step and repeat backgrounds can be used at a variety of occasions, including:

  • Trade shows: Event hosts can use step and repeat banners to showcase sponsors and logos, while exhibitors can decorate their space with one specific to their brand. Trade show displays are a wonderful method to establish your company’s presence while also generating targeted leads and forming new connections.
  • Conferences: People enjoy photographing their professional commitments and achievements. Give them a sophisticated backdrop to display their attendance and get your logo in front of more people.
  • Media engagement: If your occasion will have media appearances with the press, step and repeat banners make an excellent backdrop. A professional, event-specific backdrop can help athletes, celebrities, and industry leaders alike.
  • Weddings: Photo opportunities abound at wedding receptions, and step and repeat signs offer stunning bespoke backdrops. With coordinating colors and personalized graphics, they contribute to the overall elegance of the event.

Step and repeat banners can help you fulfill a range of marketing goals while also giving a fun location for people to take pictures and share their experience, no matter where they are. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The advantages of step and repeat banners

The advantages of a step and repeat banner are numerous. New potential exist in the areas of portability, brand awareness, and image quality.

Brand Awareness and Marketing

With a step and repeat banner, you can get your logo in front of more people and increase the likelihood that it will be shared throughout social media channels. It functions as event decor and can assist blanket the space with your brand’s colors and pictures.

Perhaps more crucially, a step and repeat banner encourages the sharing of photographs online. Both you and your sponsors will notice your logos in the backgrounds of thousands of photos on various social media feeds. People like to brag about their professional accomplishments, so any appearances at conferences, trade events, or the like will almost certainly end up online, providing you with more advertising mileage than many other sorts of signs.

Remember not to underestimate the significance of online brand recognition. According to a Weber Shandwick survey, worldwide executives believe that how sociable their brand is online accounts for more than half of its reputation. Increasing your internet presence through shares and likes might help to boost the image of your firm.

Extensive Imagery

Large-format photographs are effective at capturing attention and disseminating your company’s image. A step-by-step process using brilliant colors and high-quality photographs aids in this endeavor. It provides you with a compelling piece of promotional material that you may utilize in a variety of situations.

Durability and Easy Use

Step and repeat banners are lightweight and simple to set up, allowing you to transport them to several events, store them without taking up much space, and swiftly prop them up. This simple assembly can be a lifesaver if your firm attends a lot of events. Most patterns can also be folded into a convenient carrying bag.

Step and repeat banners can be sturdy in addition to being easy to use. If you buy from a reliable provider, such as BJ’s Printing Emporium, they can endure for years – think about all the events where you could use a banner during that period.

Tie-ins for Sponsorship

A step and repeat banner creates a space for their logos to sit beside yours, whether you already have sponsors or want to make the prospect more interesting to potential partners. They participate in the picture ops, and you receive additional financial assistance for the event.

BJ’s Printing Emporium Step and Repeat Banners

Of course, to acquire that eye-catching, long-lasting, and effective signage, you must work with the best. With brilliant colors, long-lasting materials, and convenient layouts, our step and repeat banners are designed to complement your marketing goals.

If you are unsure of what you require, we can assist you in selecting and designing the ideal custom step and repeat banner for your company’s requirements. Glendale printing company,  BJ’s Printing Emporium, can provide you with more information.